About Us

Chengdu Cast Acrylic Panel Co.,Ltd.(CDA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Monarch Group.

Relaying on the industry-leading technical support of Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd., and integrating R&D, production, manufacturing and sales, CDA produces acrylic sheets under brand Duke, which is in an absolutely leading position of the China’s domestic PMMA industry field.Acrylic sheets solutions in sound barrier, environmental protection and noise reduction provided by Duke has been applied to a number of projects successfully. Thanks to the high market recognition, CDA became a member of supervised companies in “Standard Atlas of Sound Barrier on Chinese Urban Road ”.


Our Advantages

The annual output of the company is 15,000 tons, and we will stock up according to market changes.

  • Multi-link quality inspection.Multi-link quality inspection.


    Multi-link quality inspection.
  • Independent R&D Department.Independent R&D Department.

    R & D

    Independent R&D Department.
  • International first-class standard.International first-class standard.


    International first-class standard.

Why Choose Us

The company was founded in 2007,and working with mitsubishi for 14 years, we only use 100% new Mitsubishi MMA. The annual output of the company is 15,000 tons, and we will stock up according to market changes. Mitsubishi is our strategic partner. When raw materials are in short supply, our company enjoys priority in supply. Independent r&d department,  responsible for improving the performance of acrylic. Listed company, there are strict management system, to ensure the consistency of product quality Multi-link product quality inspection, the qualified rate is more than 99.99%, to ensure that you receive high quality products Imported from Japan Mitsubishi monomer as raw materials, German imported equipment, from raw materials to production equipment are international first-class standards, to ensure the quality of products.